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Acrobatics classes build balance, strength, agility and flexibility which are important skills for dancers. The classes use dance technique, are dynamic and incorporate partnering and tumbling skills. Learn to cartwheel, do walkovers and backflips...!

Adult Jazz

For those that wished they could dance when they were younger, or did dance and want to get back into it. Classes will focus on basic skills, short combinations and fun!


Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance. Ballet students learn about the discipline of dance and focus on developing and strengthening their technique with grace and control. The techniques students learn benefit them in all classes.


Before School

Fun and interactive dance classes, focusing on the styles of Jazz and Funk. It is a great opportunity, for children of all skill levels, to be active in the mornings and dance with their friends. A positive, fun way to start the morning. Children will be walked safely to school following the lesson.


Drama students will work towards staging a production, which they will perform in Term 3. Classes will help students develop their confidence, speech and vocal skills, teamwork and communication skills. The classes will be structured to include warm up activities, character work and script work.

Hip Hop

This class is based on urban street dance, which is a style that is constantly evolving. It can be laid back and relaxed or strong and energetic. In the class, students will be exposed to different skills each week and learn a piece of choreography.



Jazz is the most commercial style of dance and combines important dance technique foundations with fun choreography to familiar songs. The class starts with a warm up and stretch before working on technique and learning choreography. Students are exposed to a large range of skills.


Lyrical dance takes the techniques learnt from ballet and puts them into context with modern music. In this class students will continue to work on their ballet technique as well as learn to express emotion and portray a story through dance. It is an open style of dance, which allows creative freedom.

Musical Theatre / Broadway Jazz

All the songs used in Broadway Jazz are from well-known Musical Theatre shows with choreography being inspired by the original show. The class focuses on performance and is a must for any theatre lovers. Singing is optional, but always welcomed!

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READY SET DANCE is a 1 hour class designed specifically to introduce young children to the world of dance and allows children to explore a range of dance styles including JAZZ, TAP, HIP HOP, SINGING and MUSIC and a whole lot of fun! The program caters for children aged 2-5 yrs and focuses on the 3 C's - "CONFIDENCE, COORDINATION AND CREATIVITY".

Stretch & Strength

A class focused on improving strength, dance technique and flexibility. Students will start with an extensive warm up and stretch before working on the progression of techniques such as turns, kicks, leaps, etc.


Tap dancing is unique in that it is both music and dance based. Tap classes develop the student’s rhythm and co-ordination through the various Tap techniques they learn – from shuffles to time steps to wings. The students are exposed to various styles of Tap – Broadway Tap, Rhythm Tap and Street Tap.

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